Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love is helping a child stay clean

At Ubungo bus terminal, having a cup of tea, in an environment where I did my last documentary on street children, one would lose hope of this place because a year after the documentary, street children are evidently on every corner but just as I was about to get back to my tea, I witness this act of love and that's when I knew, love for our children comes from even the unlikeliest places. Spread love everywhere

Thursday, July 5, 2012

After spending enough time investigating the start of pornographic industry in Tanzania, and the sale of  Porn magazines to VHS then DVDs and now on the internet, I have prepared  a documentary that will reveal the untold stories of how unregistered and unauthorized movie houses in the Dar es salaam areas is affected the children. 
The documentary will explore how these movie houses around Dar es salaam that are now in thousands are making profit off the misery of the children, the effect that comes after, the teen pregnancy, school drop out and in the worst cases sodomy. 
This is a hard pill to swallow but one has to be the voice of these children and the media should be at the fore front. I am taking the step forward I hope other journalists in Tanzania and around Africa can join in. The documentary will air soon on TBC 1, more update on your way.