HURU is the Swahili word for being free, it also stands for Hear Us Reach Us, a project that uses the multi media, pop culture and entertainment as a center stage for children in Tanzania to get their voices heard in their own words. Working with children for 3 years producing children programs for the national Broadcast network, I encountered children across Tanzania from the remote areas in the coastal towns to the highlands of the lake regions in Mwanza that despite the enormous hardship and plight that these children most living below the poverty line face, all the children that we have encountered mostly desire to have their own options in their lives and have the opportunity to get their voices heard, in recognition of this WITO came up with a sustainable project that will incorporate all the channels that we can communicate to the youths and today’s world so as their problems, trials, tribulations and story of survivals are told and reaches to the widest mass in order to bring change and improvement in their daily lives.


HURU project first leg of campaign incorporates the documentaries and music, whereby the children will narrate their own stories of struggle and survival, to start with a documentary on a child who got HIV through breastfeeding at the age of 8 months and now at the age of 11 he tells of his struggle from the discrimination I school, orphaned before he turned 3 years old and the story of his survival to his 11th birthday and looking at his big future ahead. his documentary also inspired a song that is currently being broadcasted across Tanzania, all this as part of HURU campaign.
Children’s problems have been always addressed for hundreds of years and it has reached to an extent that the world hardly pays attention to their ongoing plights not because the world stopped caring but because the world needs to hear the children’s problems through their own mouths and that’s why in this HURU project we give children the center stage to speak for themselves, recognizing the need for renewed approach in disseminating children’s issues to the world we use multimedia and art through documentaries, songs, drama, movies, poems and all other form of entertainment that will appeal to the youths and the world.