Anganile helping with the boom mic along side Sam the camera man during the shoot in Mlandizi up country Tanzania, the shoot was a school choir.

In Mlandizi, outside Dar es salaam, the children had to do a rap song and while looking for the location, decided to have a little fun.

This picture is a classic, it was taken in 2009 when Albinos were targeted in superstitious beliefs, we didnt shy away but we address the Albino killings through music, drama and all the media in Tanzania really helped now, the case is not severe and it is rarely heard of, the smiles on this photo speaks it all.

Me and my fellow crew waiting for a bus to take us to Geita, a small mining town in the lake zone Tanzania, we were on the shoot of children programs about Child marriages and child labour in the mines.

The other angle in the Mlandizi shoot with the shoot of school choir, the song was about school drop outs and arranged marriages.

A memorable photo with the students in Kisarawe on the last day of the shoot of Children programs.

Could not let this child out my sight even for a short moment, he was so attached to me in a short time

The beautiful view of Musoma, taking a day off the shoot.

Hip-hop all day, looking cool with the children in Geita on our day of arrival. 

Our first day in Kisarawe a small town outside Dar es salaam, as we trying the camera before the shoot

The last day of the shoot in Geita, hanging out with Lucas, a child I came to really identify with, he is very bright walks more than 10 kilometers to go to school but still he is among the best students in his class, what am holding is a pot he made for me it has been years but the pot sits in my bedroom to remind me of my responsibility to children like Lucas.

Me and Sam my favourite Cameraman, showing off our presents from the students in Geita

Me and the children in Musoma, during the shoot of FGM and child marriage.

Anganile Mr funny face, the clown, here am with my puppet Mr. sura Nzito

Watching the beautiful scenery in Mwanza the lake region in Tanzania right after the shoot.

The children Party in the Tanzania National Tv (TBC 1)

Shooting  Drama in Geita, talking to the cast, the children who participated in making of this drama.

Seeing the world through the camera lens 

A lonely bird in Musoma, one of the scenery that is forever memorable.

To show that what we talking about in our children programs is real, we shoot at the scenery, here we holding a debate about child labour in the mining area were they exploit children as cheap labour and the children end up dropping out of school.

Girl just wanna have fun, students in Mlandizi having fun in the time for a break in the shooting.

One of my favorite time during the shoot, here we finally shooting a rap video for the children in Mlandizi.

Unbelievable but below are the pictures showing the situation in the small scale mines in Geita, the child labour.