Friday, June 24, 2011

African child documentary.

This is a documentary is a 15 minuted 'take out' off a 30 minutes documentary about the problem of children living in the street in Tanzania, the child featured in this documentary is called Hassan Muhammad was later saved and adobted by a nice Tanzanian family as a result of this documentary airing on a national Tv. Do not wait for the world to change, show the change and the world will follow.
The advocacy for every child to get off the street of Dar es salaam and back to the safety of their families in what we are under taking right now, with the help of the ministry of community, Gender and Children we are optimistic we will achieve the aim.
WITO as a non for Profit organization headed by young Tanzanians will also launch a campaign soon that will involve awareness through the media, CHANGE BEGINS WITH IN AND NEVER WITHOUT.

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