Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Violence against children Campaign on TV nation wide

This month is a month of campaign aiming at addressing violence against children across the world. In Tanzania the campaign is underway to expose the violence against children with statistics showing children are more vulnerable at home under the care of family and close friends. Cases of physical, emotional and verbal violence against children is on the rise in Africa and in Tanzania as well. This month we will be launching the campaign on the Media, here is the sample of what will be coming to the screen near you, please do join in the fight. Start by reporting all cases of violence against children to the authority or the closest police station, don’t worry policemen and women in Tanzania have gone under training to handle such cases and they will take part in the national wide campaign. as usual you can email me at, and tell me of the cases of violence against children in your neighbourhood and together we will expose them. CHANGE BEGINS WHEN WE CHANGE OURSELVES. 

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