Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NBA Super Star visiting Street Children courtesy of UNICEF

2012 USA Olympic Gold medalist and NBA Super Star Mr Tyson Chandler visited Dogo dogo street children home center in Dar es salaam Tanzania in a visit courtesy of UNICEF.
I was personally blessed to have an One on one interview with him and I can honestly I was struck with his honesty in answering the questions considering the interview was not on his schedule. Mr Tyson shared with me his inner desire to contribute to change and lending a hand in helping these children by using his influence to help in raising awareness and support back home in USA. He also had encouraging words for all children who have lost hope in life, after the visit at the dogo dogo home center it was time to shoot the hoops and the kids at the don bosco grounds surely had fun with the star and at that moment all faces were in smiles and I knew, hope is a hard thing to kill, I would like to say thank you Tyson Chandler and thank you UNICEF, the visit meant a lot to our children

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