Thursday, December 29, 2011

Floods in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania President Dr Jakaya M.Kikwete talking to one of the children who is the victim of recent floods
 Tanzania has been grieving in recent days for the loss of lives and severe damage to properties causes by floods in the time when the rest of the world was celebrating Xmass. We stand together united in these trying times, our President went to see first hand the damage caused by the floods that came in the time when Tanzanians were in the festive mood.
Part of Dar es salaam city road side that was badly damaged due to the floods that affected hundreds of residents
 Dar es salaam has been given a wake up call to improve its infrastructure so that in the future heavy rain will not be able to cause so much damage, it is up to the city council to take the recent floods as a lesson and a warning that the weather pattern in the world is changing and Tanzania should brace itself so more harsh weather ahead.
Children carrying a mattress they received from aid workers
This blog is dedicated to children of Tanzania, Africa and the world. It is only right that we show what the children went through, above is unnamed trio were seen carrying the mattress that was given to them by the aid worker. I would like to recommend all Tanzanians that helped the children through this tragedy. 

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