Monday, January 23, 2012

UNICEF/MTV workshop in Nairobi

Team from Tanzania
UNICEF and MTV organized a workshop that involved young people across Africa, who together undertook the responsibility of coming up with a script for the new!!!! SHUGA radio series, this is the new venture after the success of SHUGA the TV series across Africa.

Team from South Africa, Lesotho and DR Congo

During the warm up and getting to know each other session 
 The scripting of Radio program involved coming up with the different scenarios that could entrap the young people into the risk of getting HIV/AIDS or getting involved in high risk sexual behavior that could put them in Danger, Tanzania was represented, so was Kenya, South Africa, DR congo, Lesotho and Cameroon. Stay tuned for exciting SHUGA radio episodes. 

Screening of SHUGA TV 2nd series 
For more information visit the MTV website or You tube SHUGA MTV. 

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